THe Church at my place


Jesus is Lord.

The essential declaration that defines us, crystalizes our life and moves us into action.  As a statement, it is profoundly simple yet elegantly complex. It is the essence of our faith, our glorious hope and the ultimate challenge.



CAMP # 1

Last SUNDAy of Month

5:00 pm

CAMP # 2

3rd WEdNESDay

11:00 AM

Barrie Manor CHAPEL

340 Blake Street

Barrie, ON

CAMP # 3


Barrington RESIDENCE
THeatre room

10:00 aM

459 yonge st, barrie

C = Christ, Compassion

A = Authenticity, Adventure

M = Mission, Mystery

P = Passion,  Purpose & Prayer



The Church at My Place (CAMP) is a network of faith communities that are actively engaged in living out the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  We are committed to living out His great commission to make disciples and loving God and neighbour with all that is in us. (Matt. 28:19, Matt 22: 37-39.)

Our philosophy of ministry is to call people to faith and obedience, delighting in God and loving our neighbour with confidence in the the universality of Christ’s church.  We believe that the church is God’s people on mission.  This mission starts with one’s own family and extends to one’s neighbours and the world.  We encourage every believer to become fully engaged in their own spiritual growth and in communit, fostering discipleship and utilizing their spiritual gifts, abilities and talents in the service of God’s people and the world. 

If you are on a journey that has you looking for participative way of being the church in today’s world, come and join us and see what God is doing among us.

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